Democrat MEMO on Russian Federation probe to be reviewed by White House

  • Democrat MEMO on Russian Federation probe to be reviewed by White House

Democrat MEMO on Russian Federation probe to be reviewed by White House

At the 2016 Republican convention, Trump's operatives watered down a platform plank representing the traditional GOP position pledging "lethal" USA support if Russian Federation attacked Ukraine.

Of all those with a stake in the release of the so-called Nunes memo, one of the most important has gone largely overlooked: the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court itself.


Members of both parties acknowledge that at least some of the secret information in the Democrats' document must be blacked out before it can be released to the public, to protect intelligence sources and methods. We are also given to understand that pertinent information was improperly withheld from the judge: the fact that Steele's firm was initially hired by Democrats seeking dirt on Trump.

LUCAS: Well, the Democratic memo is basically their detailed response to the Republican one that you mentioned was released last week.

"The premise of the Nunes memo is that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and DOJ corruptly sought a FISA warrant on a former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, Carter Page, and deliberately misled the court as part of a systematic abuse of the FISA process", Schiff said last week.

The Democrats' memo is largely seen as a rebuttal to last week's document, furthering the partisan divide on the House Intelligence Committee. Schiff says he thinks this will go a long way towards help correcting what he called distortions and inaccuracies in the Republican memo.

White House officials and a source close to the process insist the document will face the same level of scrutiny and undergo the same interagency review as the Republican memo did last week.

SHAPIRO: And what happens from there? "It is going through the same process and procedure that we did with the previous memo".

Despite the optimism, no final agreement was in hand with less than three days until a Thursday midnight deadline, and even as congressional leaders were projecting optimism, President Trump was raising tensions by openly pondering a shutdown if Democrats did not agree to his immigration plan. If he wants it released, it will be.

Kelly says it's pretty lengthy.

Furthermore, the President has until Friday to decide on the legality and the possible risks to national security the Democrat "counter" memo could pose.

There is "no consideration about any personnel moves at the Department of Justice", he said aboard Air Force One. They haven't weighed in on it yet.

Unlike the Nunes memo release, the vote was unanimous.

SHAPIRO: So if we're looking at a five-day countdown clock, this could be another Friday afternoon memo (laughter) release for the second week in a row.

"A senior official in justice or a senior official in intelligence needs to say, "We need to take a knee here".

"Talk is cheap; the work you do is what will endure", Mr Wray said in a video, according to NBC News. "I suppose he could raise the Nunes memo as an argument that the investigation is somehow biased against him". He is the ranking Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee. He said he could someday be recognized as a great American hero.

"The dossier is central to the Russian Federation collusion theory targeting Trump, and that's the basis for the appointment of Robert Mueller", Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton, a guest on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show, said on Friday night. The president's tweets here are really exceptional in their tone and also in their content.

Being able to see the FISA application without any partisan filters might shed light on why Page was considered worthy of wiretapping in an investigation into purported collusion with Russian Federation by the Trump campaign when Page had already left the campaign - and for an entire year after he had left.