Amazon Making a Big Change to Please Cheap Phone Buyers

  • Amazon Making a Big Change to Please Cheap Phone Buyers

Amazon Making a Big Change to Please Cheap Phone Buyers

Obviously, these discounted phones can offer significant value to customers.

Amazon said it was making the change to keep up with new developments in unlocking phones like facial recognition and on-screen fingerprint sensors, both of which may make the ads disappear quickly. There will still be ads in the Amazon Widget app, and the phone will still collect information about "your use of your device, including your device's system and stability, applications and services on the device, and your device's interaction with software, applications, and services on the device".

Amazon started selling devices with "Special Offers" years back with the e-ink Kindle, but that option came to Android with the "Prime Exclusive" phones. Here's the full statement. Amazon says that starting tomorrow, February 7, it will begin offering Prime Exclusive phones to customers that don't feature lockscreen offers or ads. Those with an Amazon Prime Exclusive phone will receive a free update, starting this week, that will remove existing lockscreen offers and ads. It will still offer a discount off of the list price, increasing the price of every current Prime Exclusive Phone in the portfolio by $20. That can be removed, and you can hide the Amazon apps if you don't use them. The reason Amazon's done this is likely different from what you'd expect. The company also touts the ability to personalize your screen as a motivating factor, although many would have argued that has been important from the outset. The bootloaders are locked down, but that's not hugely important to most buyers.

Luckily for those that have already purchased a Prime Exclusive phone, or those that are looking to purchase one in the future, there are big changes in the works.