Look back at President Trump's 2017 successes

  • Look back at President Trump's 2017 successes

Look back at President Trump's 2017 successes

Germany has replaced the U.S.as the top-rated global power in the world, at 41 per cent according to Gallup.

"Most of us could lose a couple of pounds", he said, before scanning the Reuters reporters in the room and pronouncing them in "pretty good shape".

The physical also revealed the president has high LDL cholesterol, and he will continue to take medication for that.

By comparison, in Obama's a year ago in office the United States led Germany by seven points, China by 17 points and Russian Federation by 22 points, according to Gallup.

"This year marks a significant change in our trends", wrote Gallup's managing partner, Jon Clifton. In 2016, 44 percent of Mexicans told the pollsters that they approved of the job performance of USA leaders.

"We talked about diet and exercise a lot", Jackson said. Globally, perceptions of America's leadership are the lowest recorded since Gallup began polling on the question in 2007.

"Republicans refuse to compromise on a common sense solution for young people who have only known America as their home", said Rep. What makes Trump unique, however, is the fact that as a private citizen he regularly slammed Obama for hitting the links while president. Its margin of error is plus or minus 3.3 percentage points.

The CFTC granted PredictIt, a company started in New Zealand that now has an office in Washington, D.C., a limited license to experiment with markets to forecast events, including political outcomes such as the possibility of Trump leaving office.

Trump's chances of being forced out of office before the end of his term on January 20, 2021, now stand at 64%, according to Dublin-based Paddy Power, which takes bets in Ireland and the United Kingdom. As things stand, the United States will be the only country in the world not signed on to the accord when it completes the lengthy withdrawal process in 2020.

Trump, in search of a major early legislative win, pushed for repeal of President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, but the effort fizzled on multiple occasions in 2017 before the president and the Republican-controlled Congress moved on to a sweeping tax-cut bill. The president can be erratic, belligerent, impetuous, and illiberal, not traits most liberal Westerners ascribe to leaders they respect.

At the same time, there have been foreign policy successes.

Trump also used golf as a way to attack Obama during his 2016 campaign. Trump's nearly obese condition has prompted the viral #Girther movement on Twitter, which compares him with other men with the same size and weight.

The U.S. made a number of major worldwide moves in the first year of Trump's presidency.

The survey found wall-to-wall declines throughout the Americas - with the biggest shift in the next-door neighbour to the north. Support for USA leaders rose throughout much of Asia and North Africa. In 2017, that fell to 16 percent - a new low for that country.