New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars: 5 Players to target on DraftKings

  • New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars: 5 Players to target on DraftKings

New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars: 5 Players to target on DraftKings

The New England Patriots, on the other hand, has been expected to make it to the Super Bowl all season long. That dropped to eight-point-five points after Brady hurt his right hand in practice on Wednesday.

Brady reportedly collided with a teammate on Wednesday, injuring his right hand. X-rays proved negative, reports said.

Back in early September it would have sounded comical to predict an AFC Championship Game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and New England Patriots, but here we are.

Nonetheless, after Brady sat out the Patriots practice Thursday — and did not speak to reporters, as scheduled — there was plenty of speculation about the quarterbacks health.

"I was out there", was all Brady would say about Friday's practice, specifically declining to say whether he threw any footballs. On one hand, most offshore betting players were hoping one of the bigger names out of the AFC, like the Kansas City Chiefs or even the Pittsburgh Steelers, would rise up to dethrone Tom Brady and the New England patriots in the AFC.

That might elicit more yawns, but it's indicative of how things work in Foxboro.

Does it look like Brady's playing status might be a game-time decision?

His answers were some variation of, "I don't know", and, "We're preparing for Jacksonville". "Whether I do or I don't, that's not really up to me". When asked if he participated in the full practice, he responded with a simple "Yeah". "I understand", McCourty said. Brady went through warmups on Thursday, but was held out of everything else. Like I said, that is what I am anxious about. "You never know what the weather is going to be".

The question is who draws the task of covering Gronk and how much of Jacksonville's resources are they willing to spend towards him?

While there are some decent options for DraftKings on the NFC side, we will be taking a look at only players from the AFC Championship Game.

The injury kept Brady limited in workouts to begin the week and caused him to sit out practice entirely on Thursday. A pretty good one at that.

Brady has shown up on the injury report several times throughout the season with various shoulder and Achilles injuries. "I mean that. I remember seeing this before". Jacksonville allowed 12 passes of 40 or more yards this season, tied for sixth most in the league. "He can pick up a ball any date and throw it". In typical New England fashion, they have come out and handled the competition like they are an underdog themselves trying to gain respect. "I think it's better without". Well against the Tennessee Titans, the Patriots fooled us all and were bringing pressure from any and all angles. Three times in that span they advanced to the Super Bowl, where they've won twice.

BB: "I don't know". That said, this is the Patriots we're talking about and the team is 21-4 at home in the playoffs, which is the best home winning percentage of all-time. "So I've experimented with putting it on the throwing hand too, and it's just a matter of feel", Hoyer said.