Conor McGregor's coach makes big statement on potential title stripping

  • Conor McGregor's coach makes big statement on potential title stripping

Conor McGregor's coach makes big statement on potential title stripping

JOHN KAVANAGH believes Conor McGregor is the rightful UFC lightweight champion - no matter what happens between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson when they clash in April. I think that would start to wear on Tony and he'd start to steal rounds with takedowns. "They're on a path to meet each other". I think a lot of it will be played with Khabib on top. I'm of course watching everything that he does. I think regardless of what way it's sold, this fight, I think it's still going to be known who the champion is. They can have an unprecedented fourth attempt at booking Ferguson vs. Khabib, and perhaps it will finally happen to deliver a nice pay-per-view haul that would set up a truly monstrous unification bout with McGregor.

Because of what he's seen out of "The Eagle" in the past, Kavanagh has a bold prediction for a potential showdown with McGregor.

"I'm kind of hearing this at the same time as everybody else and seeing this the same time as everybody else", Kavanagh told Wimp2Warrior. "We have to be ready because he's shown he can walk through some shots and there will be those grappling exchanges, so we've got to be in incredible shape, in great shape. I would see a high likelihood of one of them pulling out before the fight happens", he continued. "But I think for the legitimacy of the sport and the spirit of competition, they really have to [strip him of the belt]". In that fight (with Alvarez), no one can look at that fight and say it wasn't completely one-sided.

White alluded to the possibility of interim champion Tony Ferguson fighting outstanding candidate Khabib Nurmagomedov for the light-heavyweight championship. And considering the support McGregor brings from his Irish fanbase and what Nurmagomedov brings from Russian Federation, the noted head coach said the matchup would bring the combat-sports world to a halt.

As interesting as the press conference will surely be, what may make things even more fascinating is the possibility we could receive news on the future of the lightweight division, and its reigning champion Conor McGregor. I think Conor's striking, with his submission game as well, would cause problems.