5-foot worm found in California patient, doctor says

  • 5-foot worm found in California patient, doctor says

5-foot worm found in California patient, doctor says

Dr Banh said raw fish is a reasonable cause for an infestation, and the tapeworm had likely been growing in the man's intestines for at least six months.

A California man with a love of raw fish had a major scare when a trip to the bathroom led to a disturbing discovery.

The man, who lives in Fresno, went to the emergency room and told doctors that he had experienced bloody diarrhea and needed to be treated for parasitic worms, according to Dr. Kenny Banh, an emergency-medicine doctor at the University of California, San Francisco-Fresno who treated the patient and recounted the story on a recent episode of the medical podcast "This Won't Hurt a Bit".

Once the man was treated, given a pill to kill any remaining pieces of worm that could regenerate inside him, the question was where had it come from?

But then Bahn noticed the man had a plastic bag in his hand.

"That came out of your bottom?" He continued to pull, and eventually wrapped the entire parasite around the toilet paper roll. Bahn asked the man, who replied, "Yes".

The problem was the worm came from inside the man, according to Dr. Kenny Banh, who told the story to the producers of the podcast "This Won't Hurt a Bit" in an episode published on January 8. He then held it in front of him "and what does it do?"

Hospital staff laid the worm over a paper and measured it at exactly 5 ½ feet.

Banh stretched the tapeworm out on the emergency room floor.

The story was revealed by Dr. Kenny Bahn on the podcast.

He soon learned the man had not traveled to any other countries or partaken in any unusual behavior that might have exposed him to the parasite.

The man said he ate raw salmon sushi nearly every day - which may be how he contracted the worm. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned last February issued a warning that an increase in raw fish consumption has acted like a driving factor for a rise in tapeworm infections.

When questioned, he insisted he had not been overseas - and revealed that he ate raw salmon every day, reported MailOnline.

You can also prevent worm infections by making sure you cook your meat to safe temperatures. Go ahead, I'll wait. It's a big red flag when a sushi restaurant can't maintain an "A" rating, because one of the main things they get rated on is refrigeration.

But stop reading now if you are inclined to be queasy.