Elon Musk promises rain-sensing wipers, Tesla pickup truck

  • Elon Musk promises rain-sensing wipers, Tesla pickup truck

Elon Musk promises rain-sensing wipers, Tesla pickup truck

"I think we need to come up with the Model Y sometime in 2020 or, aspirationally, late 2019", Musk said. More recent reports from one of Tesla's auto components makers, Taiwan's Hota Industrial Mfg., suggest that production is once again ramping up, a sign that the automaker could be getting its plans back on track.

Adding a pickup truck to its lineup would make Tesla the first full-line electric automaker.

Tweeting about his plans for a pickup, Musk said, "Have had the core design/engineering elements in my mind for nearly 5 years". Tesla is also developing a new Roadster and a Semi truck.

The initial idea was for it to be "a pickup that can carry a pickup" and was sketched at the time with a Ford F-150 in the load bed.

The Model Y, to be built on the same platform as the Model 3 sedan, was tentatively scheduled to begin production in mid-2019, Reuters reported in June. "Am dying to build it", Musk tweeted on Tuesday. Musk said it would be similar in size but "slightly bigger" to account for that mysterious feature. He did not offer any more specifics on the feature. After all, Tesla did anticipate having most Model 3 units delivered at the beginning of this year.

Over the years, the onboard Tesla web browser has become a notable source of complaint from the Silicon Valley-based electric carmaker's customers.

Later, at Tesla's big semi-truck unveiling in November, he revealed an image of an electric pickup truck, based on the architecture of the semi-truck. In November, Tesla declared its biggest quarterly loss to date of $619 million.

Tesla's nearly certainly going to highlight where Model 3 production stands in the upcoming release of its Q4 financials.

According to Bloomberg, Tesla is on course to exhaust its cash reserve by next year unless they slow down its losses or raise fresh funds.