Congress condemns Pakistan for insulting Kulbhushan Jadhav's kin

  • Congress condemns Pakistan for insulting Kulbhushan Jadhav's kin

Congress condemns Pakistan for insulting Kulbhushan Jadhav's kin

He said that under the pretext of security precautions, the Pakistani establishment disregarded the cultural and religious sensibilities of Jadhav's family members before the meeting.

But India said Jadhav's mother was not allowed to speak in her native Marathi language and was frequently interrupted during the meeting.

The reply, which was submitted by the Foreign Office's Director (India), Fariha Bugti, also claimed that Jadhav's case does not fall under the purview of the Vienna Convention.

A day after their meeting across a glass panel with Kulbhushan Jadhav in Islamabad, the mother and wife of the Indian national on death row in Pakistan, met External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj here on Tuesday.

On Monday, Jadhav and his family members were not allowed any physical contact due to security concerns.

The wife and the mother of Jadhav were asked to remove mangal sutra, bangles and bindi, besides having been asked to change the attire, citing it as a security measure.

The spokesman said that the fact is that Jadhav's mother "publicly thanked Pakistan for the humanitarian gesture, which was also recorded by the media". Chetankul's shoes, which she had to change before the meeting, were also not returned to her.

"We would caution against any mischievous intent in this regard", MEA said in a statement. Most of his remarks were clearly tutored and created to perpetuate the false narrative of his alleged activities in Pakistan. "His appearance also raises questions of his health and well being", the statement added, rejected the video played by the Pakistan Foreign Office.

Avanti and Chetankul Jadhav were accompanied to the ministry by Indian deputy high Commissioner JP Singh and three Indian foreign ministry officials. The meeting started without his presence.

His wife and mother were allowed to meet him behind a glass window on Monday, eight months after he was sentenced to death, but that gesture of goodwill appeared to have quickly descended into acrimony.

"The Pakistani press was allowed on multiple occasions to approach family members closely, harass and hector them and hurl false and loaded accusations about (Shri) Jadhav", Kumar said in a statement.

The Pakistani statement added that it had kept both Pakistani, Indian and worldwide media "at a safe distance, as requested by India". The suspicion is that Pakistan may accuse India of planting a bug in the shoe to record the meeting. "We also regret that contrary to assurances, the overall atmosphere of the meeting was intimidating insofar as family members were concerned".

The Congress on Tuesday condemned the Pakistani government for the treatment meted out to Kulbhushan Jadhav, a former Indian Navy officer now lodged in a Pakistani jail, and his family and asked the Centre to spell out its policy and steps to get him released. Family members, however, handled the situation with great courage and fortitude.

"There were clear understandings between the two sides and the Indian side scrupulously abided by all its commitments".

"You'd all agree that this exercise lacked credibility", Kumar concluded. On the other hand, looking at it dispassionately I would believe that it's somewhat distressing and disturbing that an access given to a family should not be conducted in this deplorable manner, in which Pakistan has conducted it.