Ball size meteor flashes through the sky over New England

Social media was lighting up Tuesday night with reports of a meteor seen across the Northeast. On the other hand, some users of Twitter noted the ball looked like a "blue flash of light" which appeared to be "very bright". According to the Herald, a Massport spokeswoman said that the Boston Logan International Airport operations reported no impact.

Well, Astronomers said it as a meteor, and it looks like a golf ball.

"The ones that would do really serious damage are rare, but not impossible", Janes said. Several thousand fireballs occur in the Earth's atmosphere each day.

The unusual thing is that, in today's time everyone has a smartphone hut a few people were able to take photos of that golf-ball size meteor.

Mount Agamenticus Conservation Program's web camera, perched on Mt. Agamenticus in York County, captured a bright streak in the sky around 5:52 p.m.

It's hardly the first time that their 'round-the-clock lens caught a natural marvel. The last meteor shower that he was talking about was the Geminid meteor shower that picked on 13-14 December.

NASA has identified the larger bits of space rocks that are potentially risky, Janes said. In October an asteroid the size of a bus passed between Earth and the moon - "a near-miss", in astronomical terms, said Janes.

Something worse in the future can't be ruled out, he warned.