8-Year-Old falls through ice in southern Utah pond

  • 8-Year-Old falls through ice in southern Utah pond

8-Year-Old falls through ice in southern Utah pond

The boy had been chasing his dog on Monday evening when he fell through the eye on a pond in the town of New Harmony, Utah.

"He and another citizen were actually able to break through the ice, go into the water, and retrieve the boy out of the pond", Lt.

"I knew how cold the water was", and about how long he had to find the child, he said. "I've been under the ice before, I knew how much time I had in there, I've done search patterns before".

Washington County sheriff's Sgt Aaron Thompson opted to try and rescue the boy instead of waiting for the other emergency crews to arrive.

Crouse says the boy was airlifted to Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George where his condition has not been released. A friend of the boy had run to get help after the 8 year old ran after a dog that had run onto the ice. Another boy who was watching this happen went and tried to help the child, but was unable to get him out of the water.

He expects to return to work by early next week. "I knew exactly what I was getting into when I went into the water". "Sergeant Thompson made the personal decision to attempt rescuing the victim without the aid of specialized equipment", Crouse said in the statement.

The sheriff's office provided a photo of the scene along with this description: "The victim was located near the far side of the grass growing in the pond".

"I told him I needed him there (on shore), so if I got tangled he could come rescue me", Thompson said.

"As the ice got thicker, I couldn't break it with my arms and my fists anymore, so I had to jump up on top of the ice, putting my weight on it, and then pound on it to get it to break", he said.

"I was in bad shape", he said. The Sergeant was also taken to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia and cuts on his arm. "If there was a hero that night it was us, not me".