The Last of Us Part II Gets a New Trailer

  • The Last of Us Part II Gets a New Trailer

The Last of Us Part II Gets a New Trailer

New The Last of Us 2 voice cast was today confirmed alongside a new trailer and behind-the-scenes look at Naughty Dog's latest.

Warning: The video above contains graphic animated violence that may disturb.

We're still without a release date just yet, though, so we're hoping to hear more out of the game in the coming months, and who these characters are, as well as their relation to Joel and Ellie, if any at all. And as such, we have to wonder: What the hell was happening in this trailer? And when will that be, Naughty Dog?

Well, the PS4 Paris Games Week Conference is over and there were many good news including The Last Of Us: Part II. The studio is staying mute on objective on some details like their identity, conflict, location, and more insterestingly, timeframe, suggesting that the scene could be separated in time from the main course of the adventure. We really don't know, but were very excited to find out. While the rain coat wearing characters who die through the trailer are obviously not too important, their use of pretty cruel killing methods and mentioning of a set of "apostates" could give a hint to what kind of human enemies are going to be in the game. The trailer of "The Last of Us Part 2" ended there. Before? After? It's unclear. Her henchmen grab a hammer and get to work on one of their captive's arms.

The original The Last of Us was an incredibly violent game, but that violence never felt out of place. Yet the other woman insists, and he cuts her down.

The Last Of Us was, as Naughty Dog described it, a story about the relationship between a man and a girl - Joel and Ellie - and how their father-daughter bond pushes them through a world ravaged by pain and suffering. The name of the woman believed to be Ellie's blacked out by exactly four dark squares.