Samsung Galaxy Note S9 & S9+ leaked with new information

  • Samsung Galaxy Note S9 & S9+ leaked with new information

Samsung Galaxy Note S9 & S9+ leaked with new information

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has rolled out the Android 8.0 beta program for the Galaxy S8 phones around the world.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is now available on discount price and according to past analysis and sale records, this one if the best buy price for the gadget. Global sales for the Galaxy S8, meanwhile, are expected to reach 50 million units, with Samsung to earn $202 for each unit sold or about $10 billion.

According to a report posted by ETNews, Samsung was working on a lamination process that would make it possible to curve the screen on all four edges. There are a lot of lingering questions - "Will Samsung change the design or will it pull an Apple "s"?", "Will it move the fingerprint scanner from that odd, side-of-the-camera position?", "And will it continue to put headphone jacks on its phones?". That was bad. The last thing you want is to smear the camera lens on your expensive phone.

The publication claims the S9's rear panel will be inspired by Samsung's upcoming mid-range A5 and A7 devices that would debut next year.

Here are the details regarding the basic working principles of Samsung's embedded fingerprint sensor on to the display.

Samsung Electronics announced a new addition to the Galaxy tablet portfolio, the Galaxy Tab A (eight inch), an everyday, versatile tablet designed for the entire family.

The tab is also optimised for game play with Game Launcher, the Galaxy Tab A provides an enhanced user interface and personalised gaming experience with more gaming tools, as well as a Call and Notification Prevention Mode so users can focus on their games without interruption.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017) is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 chipset with 2GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage. In practice, Samsung will most likely lock it down to its own chosen few.