Bungie Lists A Bunch Of Endgame Improvements Coming To Destiny 2

  • Bungie Lists A Bunch Of Endgame Improvements Coming To Destiny 2

Bungie Lists A Bunch Of Endgame Improvements Coming To Destiny 2

That contradicts a few reports from people who say that they were banned immediately after booting the game, but Bungie asserts that those who got booted "were using tools that pose a threat to the shared ecosystem of the game". In other words, Discord, OBS, XSplit, EVGA Precision XOC, MSI Afterburner and Fraps. Hopefully Bungie will have learned from this mistake which has not done Destiny 2 any favours at launch. However, a Bungie rep replied, stating that while third-party applications aren't compatible with Destiny 2, the studio isn't issuing bans to those trying it.

Today in Bungie's weekly Destiny 2 blog update, the developer laid out a number of endgame improvements it's now working on. Bungie's new update confirms those suspicions and many will be glad to know that their bans have been reversed and that it really was just an accident. While most gamers were rejoicing at the fantastic port that Bungie had delivered, a vocal minority were upset about some bans that were issued to PC players.

Chris "Cozmo" Shannon said on the studio's forums yesterday that third-party software isn't the issue. The fact that the game can not be exited using a controller and players must use a mouse to exit the game is just an example of the small, but annoying issues that players are now facing on PC. We remain committed to creating a positive and fair in-game experience in all of our products, and believe that this is a necessary measure in bringing you a great gaming experience in Destiny 2 on PC. There have been bans on their accounts as well, providing no real reason as to why this issue has been happening.

The restriction means features in many popular third-party applications used for game capture, livestreaming, and performance monitoring don't work. That doesn't rule out the potential for false positives, of course. Developer Bungie took some time to outline its plans in a blog post yesterday.

And, perhaps the biggest improvement of all - Destiny 2 is finally getting an emote wheel. "Permanent account bans are only implemented with rigorous checking to ensure that the innocent are not punished alongside the guilty".

In a post on the game's official website, the developer highlighted the changes and additions coming to the game.