DON McKEE: Karen Handel turned tide, winning Republican base

  • DON McKEE: Karen Handel turned tide, winning Republican base

DON McKEE: Karen Handel turned tide, winning Republican base

"I think you'd have to be an idiot to think we could win the House with Pelosi at the top", Rep. Filemon Vela said.

But after Donald Trump took office and Republicans dove into their agenda of repealing former President Barack Obama's health care law, Democrats' united opposition papered over their divisions and their generational divides.

The Republican Party has spent tens of millions of dollars in attack ads attaching Democrats to her, Pelosi said.

Following two big loses in the special elections held earlier this week in Georgia and SC, the Democratic Party is facing internal questions in regards to their leadership.

He said Democrats need to work to rebrand themselves and focus more on developing a clear economic message, without losing sight of the party's historic emphasis on social issues.

Republican Ralph Norman defeated Archie Parnell in Tuesday's special election for South Carolina's 5th congressional district, and in Georgia, Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff in the most expensive House race in history. "That would be very bad for the Republican Party - and please let Cryin' (Senate Minority Leader) Chuck (Schumer) stay!" If, as in Georgia, the average U.S. House race swings 20 points toward the Democrat compared to 2016, Democrats will gain a net 70 seats, a big majority and a wildly aggressive target. "People in OH don't grab me about Russian Federation at all when I'm home", Ryan said.

After announcing he is planning to challenge Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) next year, Democrat Joe Cunningham on Wednesday tweeted, "If elected, I will not vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker. And usually they go after the most effective leaders, because they want to take us, diminish the opportunity that we have". And, Handel's victory "reinforces the idea that Republicans in such districts - i.e. highly affluent, suburban ones where Trump struggled - aren't necessarily doomed by Trump's unpopularity".

What is remarkable is that Norman, a six-term state representative, defeated his Democratic opponent by only three points, 51-48 - in a district where Trump beat Clinton by a whopping 19-point margin.

Rep. Tim Ryan, who unsuccessfully challenged Pelosi for minority leader previous year, told Business Insider he did not know how Democrats could take the House in 2018 if the GOP was successfully able to convince independents and Republicans that a vote for a Democratic candidate is essentially a vote for Pelosi's leadership. Nationalizing the swings against them in the special elections held for GOP seats this year would likely deprive them of control in 2018.

"She's a great fundraiser, but if the money we're raising through her leadership is not helping us win elections, we have to have this hard conversation now", Rice said. They all believe pretty much exactly the same thing, so she should be saddled with no more responsibility than any other Democrat.

"I am a strategic, politically astute leader".