Senate GOP releases bill to cut Medicaid, alter 'Obamacare'

  • Senate GOP releases bill to cut Medicaid, alter 'Obamacare'

Senate GOP releases bill to cut Medicaid, alter 'Obamacare'

But the achievement of the Republicans will be the same: banish the hated Medicaid.

The bill is similar to the House version, which was passed in May to much fanfare.

It's called a "discussion draft" because they can still make changes to it in order to get the votes needed to pass.

The plan gets rid of those mandates.

Meanwhile, tax-credits for middle-income Americans and the elderly shrink substantially from the current Obamacare subsidies.

Without the federal money for Medicaid expansion, OH leaders would have to decide whether to pay for the new enrollees' health care coverage with state tax money or end their insurance coverage entirely.

Trump said he hoped Democrats would support the healthcare bill, caveating that they likely won't because they are "obstructionists".

She also released a video slamming the proposal, saying it would benefit the wealthy and health insurance company CEOs with tax breaks that would come from cuts to Medicaid.

The plan keeps some popular parts of Obamacare. Meanwhile, the Senate's measure considers age, income and geography, but apparently people would need to be lower-income than under the ACA to receive them.

But it then allows states to opt out of that requirement.

Mr McConnell has only a thin margin of error: The bill would fail if just three of the Senate's 52 GOP senators oppose it. There is no money to expand Medicaid unless you want to raise taxes. The bill takes major steps to roll back provisions of the Affordable Care Act but doesn't go as far as the House's version.

But Medicaid has been eating up an ever-larger share of federal spending.

"But right now, after eight years, the legislation rushed through the House and the Senate without public hearings or debate would do the opposite", Obama said.

Insurance rates have increased, and we have yet to see the 2018 numbers, but under the Senate bill, cost sharing payments will be covered for few years.

Four conservative Republican senators quickly announced initial opposition to the bill and others were evasive, raising the specter of a jarring rejection by the Republican-controlled body.

Ryan said he would not "armchair quarterback" the Senate process because Senate leaders didn't do that during hard negotiations in the House.

Obama, who posted his response to the Republican-led effort to repeal what is widely regarded as his signature domestic achievement on Facebook, did not mince his words.