OnePlus 5 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Which is best?

  • OnePlus 5 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Which is best?

OnePlus 5 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Which is best?

Talking to The Verge about making the OnePlus 5, various execs explained that the company's main goal this year is to make a great camera, one that can rival the camera experience on iPhone or top Samsung devices. The certification just reiterates that the Galaxy S8 Active is happening and, given these things usually happen closer towards the release date (along with Bluetooth, FCC approval and so on), suggests the phone will land soon.

Each has enough RAM to handle challenging tasks such as editing video or playing games, meaning the option to increase the OnePlus 5's 6GB to 8GB is "sort of pointless". Then you'll need a decent amount of RAM to help your phone cope with the load. So, you should at least ensure that the phone that you buy is at least "Amazon fulfilled".

The phone has appeared on the certification body and history tells us that this should mean its release is just around the corner.

It will likely boast the same screen resolution and aspect ratio as the Galaxy S8+. The previous model in the OnePlus flagship line is the OnePlus 3 with its 3T variation, but as the number four is considered highly unlucky in Chinese culture, the company made a decision to skip on it for their phones and thus named the new device OnePlus 5. It runs on Android 7.0 Nougat.

The 64 GB version comes for $479/£449 while the top-of-the-line 128 GB model will set on back a cool $539/£499. The smartphone is available at Rs 5,499, post a discount of Rs 6,401 as part of the sale.

An early hands-on review by ZDNet sister site CNET finds the effect on the OnePlus 5 sometimes produces artificial-looking results.

"On the bottom, you'll see that we ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack", OnePlus designer Diego Heinz said. The Galaxy S8 has 64GB of internal storage, but accepts microSD cards of up to 256GB.

The current OnePlus flagship, the OnePlus 3T, does not have any price cuts, but comes with exchange discount of Rs. 11,082. You'll get a slightly less-crisp screen, which is barely noticeable, a little less visual flair, and a back camera that is nearly as good.

According to the images spotted on TENAA's website, Samsung is now developing a new flip phone. However, the phone is slightly smaller as they rounded the corners on the sides and back, and slimmed down the overall design.

"The OnePlus 3 can compete with the flagships, but the camera is a good camera, it's not an fantastic camera", OnePlus founder Carl Pei admitted.