Andre Ward Knocks Out Sergey Kovalev in Eighth to Retain Belts

  • Andre Ward Knocks Out Sergey Kovalev in Eighth to Retain Belts

Andre Ward Knocks Out Sergey Kovalev in Eighth to Retain Belts

It ended with the defeat of the Russian champion Sergei Kovalev and the loss of his WBA, IBF and WBO light heavyweight title belts to Andre Ward, in a unanimous 114-113 decision.

Andre Ward kept his undefeated record in tact while settling his rivalry with Sergey Kovalev once and for all on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Prior to referee Tony Weeks' final intervention, Kovalev had been troubled by a body shot/low blow, a knee-buckling straight right to the jaw, and finally another body shot/low blow, which, according to a post-fight replay, appeared to land about as close as can be to the groin region.

"I had a great fight as long as it lasted", said Ward. Kovalev (30-2-1, 26 KOs) was badly hurt, and Ward went to him and began firing away.

"When I saw him react to the body shots that were borderline, I knew I had him", he said.

Andre Ward scored an eighth-round technical knockout over Russia's Sergei Kovalev to defend his three light-heavyweight titles.

"Honestly, if you look at it, Sergey is not going to have to do much more than what he did because he proved to the fans in the first half of the fight that he can win it at Ward's own game", said trainer John David Jackson.

Below is the finish written in the Ward vs. Kovalev 2 live coverage article. "I've never seen somebody knocked out on a low blow until tonight, and I hope I never have to see it again". As a result Ward retained the unified light heavyweight championship. About 30 seconds later, a "questionable" body shot had Kovalev doubled over in pain or perhaps he was just trying to catch the attention of referee Tony Weeks. Ward was ahead on two judges' scorecards and behind on a third when he landed a right hand midway through the eighth round that caused Kovalev's legs to wobble. Both boxers are 6-feet tall and Ward is about 11 months younger than Kovalev.

Following his win, Ward mentioned the possibility of even testing higher weight divisions but for now he'll celebrate his TKO over Kovalev while shutting the door on that rivalry for the time being.

"I could have continued", Kovalev said. Now he's a good kid, I do him and he's swell but I'm telling you, I see things with him in particular and he's the best. Ask Nate Diaz. During a conference call Wednesday evening officially announcing Mayweather-McGregor, UFC president Dana White was asked about McGregor's fighting spirit. You hear it all the time - boxing's most important punch. And, if you choose to make a defense for Kovalev's plodding battle plan, there were definitely the low blows. I didn't feel the punch. Some of which Sergey Kovalev said were low blows. "And it's a healthy respect but it's not a respect that's going to stop him from getting smashed June 17". "I always do well against bigger fighters".

Many did think Kovalev won, however.

Yormark said he would give Ward time to enjoy the win and then look for the biggest fight available.

Ward, an articulate African American of obvious charm, is regarded by some as the best pound for pounder in the world, a classic defensive artist in the finest American tradition.