Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland become election key

The UK election resulted in a hung parliament, with no party winning an outright majority in an outcome that will create uncertainty about the path ahead for Brexit negotiations.

"The prime minister has spoken with me this morning, and we will enter discussion with the Conservatives to explore how it may be possible to bring stability to our nation at this time of great challenge", she said.

The humiliating result has heaped pressure on May to resign, but she says she will stay and lead Britain during exit talks with the European Union.

Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn's Labour would be expected to explore the potential for co-operation with other "progressive" parties like the Lib Dems, Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party's sole MP Caroline Lucas.

"As the successes of David Cameron and Ruth Davidson show, the Conservative party wins when they are led by a liberal Tory, offering compassionate and concrete policies".

If the Conservatives can not form a government, what happens? Is it possible that, having modelled the various permutations, his view is that the best Brexit for the United Kingdom is a softer Brexit, leaving the United Kingdom within the single market? Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are leading a revived drive to reform the European Union, a bigger priority than spending energy haggling over Brexit terms. Despite this, I believe it will be possible to put together a majority government fast and to finally start talks about Britain's exit from the European Union after many a postponement.

The Democratic Unionist Party, which won 10 seats in Thursday's voting, is entering talks with the Conservatives to discuss how to work together in a new government.

In the past the DUP has opposed same-sex marriage and blocked any extension of abortion rights.

The UK prime minster Theresa May's disastrous election result is casting doubt on the UK's Brexit negotiations. It would include accepting unlimited European immigration, the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, and the requirement to pay billions of pounds into the EU budget every year - all of which May promised voters she'd end.Pro-Brexit Conservative lawmaker Bernard Jenkin attacked his party colleagues who want to use May's weakness to dilute her vision of a clean break.

Former minister Anna Soubry said Mrs May should "consider her position" after a "dreadful campaign" while backbencher Heidi Allen suggested she could be out within a matter of months, depending on the Brexit negotiations.

May's Labour rival Jeremy Corbyn said he wanted to form a minority government and she should step down. What did the Labour Party say? Beleaguered May is appointing new members of her government after several. "Remember, both parties are divided". May has in effect, created an opposition that didn't exist before.

It follows a humiliating loss for the Conservatives in yesterday's election. The currency has been highly volatile in the last year, from $1.50 a year ago before the Brexit vote to below $1.18 briefly in October. She argued that Brexit, which Scotland largely rejected, changed the scenario to such an extent Scotland should be given a second referendum.

The SNP has 35 seats and the Lib Dems 12. It looks like Scotland at least, won't be going anywhere soon.