Ainge's patience pays off with Celtics' draft lottery win

  • Ainge's patience pays off with Celtics' draft lottery win

Ainge's patience pays off with Celtics' draft lottery win

He's not Kawhi offensively now, but if you look at Kawhi offensively his rookie year, you're going to see a lot of similarities this year, because he's a phenomenal ball handler and he's a great passer.

Securing the No. 2 overall pick clears the way for the Lakers to likely select UCLA point guard and Chino Hills, Calif. native Lonzo Ball, which could render Russell's skillset somewhat redundant. The chances were only at 18.3 percent, but falling to No. 8 is a tough pill to swallow considering how close the team was to having the worst record in the league towards the end of the season.

"It's two completely different situations: One is a lot about the future, and one is in the present", Celtics president Danny Ainge said. The 76ers will also receive the Lakers' 2018 first round draft pick and the Kings' 2019 first-rounder with no protections.

The Celtics had the best of odds or receiving the No. 1 pick at 25 percent, and the ping-pong balls bouncing Boston's way completed a memorable two-day stretch for the storied franchise.

Magic Johnson, who represented the Lakers, was a tad bit uneasy not knowing where his team would land in the rankings.

Most aren't giving the upstart Celtics much of a chance to emerge out of the East versus the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers, however, others feel Boston arrived to the party a year early and that the Conference Finals appearance is about players gaining experience on the biggest stage.

As Nate Taylor pointed out in one of his recent insiders, Collins and Leaf are two of the more intriguing prospects in got to talk to at the combine.

"You don't really want to necessarily trade a number one pick in a really good draft for somebody that's halfway thru their career, already making max money", the team's governor and CEO stated. It felt just like winning Game 7 [Monday] night.

The Boston Celtics get to pick first in the NBA Draft this year. It will be New York's second lottery pick since 2009-an odd reality given the fact it's missed the playoffs in five of the past eight seasons. "So now the fans back home can breathe a little easier". They did. And, because of the trade, Boston used their option to swap with the Nets and take this year's top selection.

I think this could have been fixed, but with owners upset that the New York Knicks acquiring Patrick Ewing in the previous draft, I doubt it.

The Charlotte Hornets, Detroit Pistons, Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat will get the final four lottery picks.

The Boston Celtics (via Brooklyn) will pick first, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers who moved into the top three.

The draft will be held on June 22 and here is the official order of the remaining lottery.