Destiny 2 on the Nintendo Switch is Not Happening

The devs know that Destiny 2 has to perform just right on PC, and hit all the right tickboxes while providing authentic features and options to make it look and feel like an authentic PC shooter.

Normally we would caution to take this info with a grain of salt but the same source also revealed quite a lot of Destiny 2 gameplay details that turned out to be true, as confirmed by Thursday's reveal event. As a matter of fact, the PS4 and Xbox One will see 30 framerates per second. However, Bungie and Activision are attempting to extend the game's community to a broader audience and they are not holding back. The Crucible PvP Multiplayer will be offered in all of the 4v4 modes.

Similar to the first Destiny, you'll have three-player missions in Strikes and the six-player Raids. These are not platform specific, but they still look very nice at 4K resolution. You know, the smaller team format - although it's one (person) bigger in the Trials case for sure here - in the smaller team format in general, it's easier for us to find tighter matches.

The developers said the additions were part of a plan to ensure every Destiny player can access every piece of content in the game. For example, servers used for support online game will fall under Bungie's responsability, while Blizzard will take care of login and social functions. This will allow clans to guide solo/new players though the Nightfall or Raid.

While the initial 3 main classes remain the same, there are new subclasses that have definitely caught the eyes of many Destiny fans.

Oddly enough, because Activision Blizzard functions where both individual entities are operating independently of each other (despite being the parent company combined), Bungie, a private company, does need to co-operate and develop with Blizzard Entertainment people for the first time. But sadly, according to IGN, game director Luke Smith has announced at the gameplay reveal event in Los Angeles that the PC release will not happen until after the console one on September 8th, 2017. Do you think the extra features on PC are worth waiting for? The PC version will be sold through Blizzard Entertainment's Blizzard Launcher instead of Valve's Steam digital platform.

Destiny 2 launches on September 8th for Xbox One and PS4, though you may be able to get in on the action earlier, as a beta is coming this summer.

Destiny is a sci-fi series, so you get to travel to a bunch of different planets.