Facebook built a virtual Facebook. Here is what we know so far

Zuckerberg, addressing developers at Facebook's F8 summit, said the camera would play a larger role in the interaction between members of the social network and encouraged developers to concentrate on broadening the capabilities of photography through new apps.

The new Facebook virtual reality app called Facebook Spaces was introduced by Rachel Franklin, the company's chief for Social VR.

With this concept, Facebook wants to make VR more social and interactive as opposed to being a solo experience.

At F8 yesterday, Facebook also launched a new virtual reality app, Facebook Spaces, which is created to let users hang out in virtual environments "as if you were in the same room". Zuckerberg said the company is making the "first mainstream augmented reality platform out of the camera", called "Act 2". That's why he has announced a push into Augmented Reality (AR) and Facebook may soon start experimenting on a mix of real and digital worlds, just like the hit smartphone game.

Technology gurus hold many different opinions about the true potentials of virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR).

You can download Facebook Spaces from the Oculus Store free of charge.

Facebook has created a virtual space for Facebook friends to meet and interact using virtual reality "as if you were in the same room".

Facebook is developing a mind-reading system to let people communicate through their thoughts alone, its founder Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed.

You can also see Facebook content, such as 360 videos and photos, which can take you to the scene virtually.

Manchester United is one of the first brands to partner with the newly launched Facebook developer platform for augmented reality, Camera Effects. You can order food through delivery.com by chatting with M, Messenger's digital assistant.

Of course, some of Facebook's new features are similar to - some say rip off - features from Instagram and Snapchat.

The future of Oculus Rift seemed a bit wobbly previous year when founder Palmer Luckey got into hot water for his political stances. The company also plans to provide related effects to users.

Facebook announces launch of VR app Facebook Spaces for Oculus at F8 conference.