President Mukherjee greets nation on eve of Easter

In America, we have tons of great holidays. Families will be gathering for picnics and barbecues.

The message of Easter is a call to be another light in our society.

There were more people than usual on Resurrection Sunday. Before he was hanged he spoke these famous last words, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country". There is no tribe, no religion; regardless of faith, Jesus loves us. The blues of ravines and the luscious greens of plant life are beginning to overtake the grays and browns of the hibernating landscapes.

"Our faith is alive, because it is based on the event of the resurrection of Christ", Bartholomew said. Egg painting and egg hunt competitions for kids were held. The question I posed to the man was this: "Can you take me to the place where Jesus the Christ was buried, and is he still in that tomb today?"

After the video, there were a few songs I knew some of the words to, but - having been raised on songs such as "In the Garden", "The Old Rugged Cross" and "There Is a Fountain" - I didn't relate as much. Why do we do that?

Our witness often will need to be sacrificial: just as Jesus ministered as a homeless itinerant teacher, we must be willing to witness from a position of cultural weakness rather than power, and in the face of disapproval instead of applause.

It was dark outside as we woke up and began getting ready for church.

According to the Gospels, Christ was reborn on the third day of his crucification.

He said, had there not been Easter Sunday, the day Jesus was crucified would have been the "most horrific and nightmarish Friday" in all human history. Our witness must be prophetic: a declaring to the world that Jesus is Lord and the world's reigning powers are not.

The story records that Peter shares with some acquaintances, who have not been followers of Jesus, that he had thought they were unacceptable to God.

Yes, it is easy to dwell on the Crucifixion as the cross is the dominant symbol of the faith, however, the story continues for the 50 days after the Resurrection and beyond. That nullified the value of the cross in the minds of the people at that time. The reality is that Jesus was raised up from the dead and because of Jesus' victory over death and sin we can experience forgiveness and eternal life. It's not about candy or fireworks or tradition.

Jesus offered his ideal sinless life for our imperfect sinful lives so the barrier of sin that kept us from knowing God could be removed.

The veracity of Jesus' resurrection is crucial.

All we got to do is follow Christ, for in Christ will all our queries be solved.

May this Easter Sunday inspire you to new hope, happiness, prosperity and abundance, all received through God's divine grace. Do you only think of the cross at this time of the year? That is - what difference does it make in a person's life if they claim to believe in the resurrection? I also believe in the Holy Ghost, the comforter.