Michelle Gomez: Doctor Who's women are a force to reckon with…

When asked why he made a decision to leave the long-running sci-fi franchise, he said, "I just thought, you know, while you're enjoying it, leave".

"It's such a massive show".

As for what gives "Doctor Who" its magic, Capaldi suggests it's the show's indefinable mixture of the silly and the profound. The idea of a Time Lord living incognito as a university don was employed humorously by Douglas Adams in his 1979 script for the unaired "Shada" serial, but in this case the Doctor's new identity serves a deeper objective.

As always, keep in mind to stay safe. Capaldi responds, "Well, you got to watch it and see".

"I didn't even know it was happening".

"Well, Pearl, as Doctor Who's new companion - what does The TARDIS run on?" Mixing teen themes and tropes is the source both of humor and drama, as when characters argue about their relationship as monsters stand waiting, with surprising patience, to try to kill them. They were a bit similar and a bit rarefied.

The synopsis for "The Pilot" states that the Doctor Who Season 10 premiere will be all about Bill's arrival.

Pearl Mackie has expressed that landing the role of a companion in "Doctor Who" takes a little getting used to. "It's like Episode 1 again", he explained.

"She's not from some extraordinary background, she hasn't had extraordinary privilege".

"It's not a life of tragedy, it's a life of gentle disappointment!"

Bill not being straight is less of a big deal in the fictional universe of Doctor Who than it is outside the show, where she happens to be the first gay companion in its 50-year history. We are not expecting a round of applause or pat on the back for that.

It's been way too long since we've been here, Whovians. While that was partly down to a top crop of stories - often told as two-parters, sorting out the rushed pacing that has plagued much of Moffat's era - it was also largely because Capaldi nailed every scene. It's not even a minor plot strand.

"The new Cybermen are kind of slick and they look like a familiar robot but the old Cybermen, there's something really haunting about them". Obviously, we know that the main thrust of the episode is to introduce the Doctor - and us, as viewers - to Bill. For the LGBT community, it is a big step towards gay representation in shows and films. "It's a kids' show, and how we address and treat this matter will have a long-term effect on our audience, that's just true". Mackie could well be the breath of fresh air the series needs.

John Barrowman, who played Harkness in spin-off Torchwood, said: "She's in for a great rollercoaster ride".

But unlike the other young men and women initially unfamiliar with Who that have been hired by the franchise in recent years, Mackie didn't do her homework.

Bill - "Can I use the toilet?"

Those watching the BBC One programme also voiced their approval at showrunner Steven Moffat, who will bow out after series 10 along with Peter, writing in a gay character.