Colorado has backed off plans for marijuana clubs

"I like hogs, sir", Rep. Lynn Stucky, R-Denton, who endured hazing from other lawmakers because a proposal on feral hogs was poised to be the first bill he has sponsored to pass the chamber.

The Senate plan sought to limit future state spending.

With the budget and pieces of a fiscal plan unresolved, the Legislature is expected to run beyond the scheduled 90 days.

A House bill filed by Democrat Lori Berman that is identical to Brandes' solution has yet to be heard in committee.

"That sounds like a threat that one of us might hurl, but we're not doing that at this time, and it's too soon to say that", Kelly replied.

"What this bill does is lowers the standards and it holds people unconstitutionally", said McCoy.

"We're trying to concentrate on this fiscal issue that faces us", Kelly said.

With the 16-14 vote Republican senators took a major step toward reassembling a catchall bill tightening initiative requirements that was crafted after voters approved a minimum wage increase in November.

Rep. Jim Keane, D-Butte, is carrying the bill and said the bill draws funds from the coal tax trust fund.

"I don't know if they didn't have their sneakers on or what, but they fell somewhere in the middle and didn't do what we expected them to do, so we didn't get anything", White said.

Senate President Pete Kelly called the House's move an interesting play and stressed the Senate's resolve in opposing an income tax.

And the Senate budget would spend almost $230 million less than the House budget. "We commend the Legislature for passing this compassionate and much-needed legislation, and we encourage Gov. Justice to sign it into law". He said he understands why the larger body has been slower.

Some Republican members of the House - including its leadership - say the infrastructure package shouldn't include new or remodeled buildings on college campuses, which they see as "pork". "And we worked rather quickly". These things help change women's minds and often prompt them to choose life for their unborn babies. "The Senate can be and is more nimble".

In the 2015-2016 school year more than 44,000 kids in Texas had a vaccination exemption, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

"I'm fine", Senate Pro Tem Long said. Colorado's oil/gas industry pushed back against the proposal (HB 1256), with the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA) strongly opposing it.

Today's bill died when two Republicans, Sens. Anna MacKinnon said she doesn't want to hurt the private sector.

The Colorado Statesman reports lawmakers in the Colorado Senate narrowly defeated the informed consent bill Thursday, after two Republicans joined all the Democrats to oppose it. If passed, the amended bill becomes an enrolled act and is sent to the governor to await his consideration.