Trump sees no deadline for China deal, prefers it post-election

  • Trump sees no deadline for China deal, prefers it post-election

Trump sees no deadline for China deal, prefers it post-election

"I'm doing very well in a deal with China, if I want to make it", Trump said while asserting that "I don't think it's "if they want to make it", it's "if I want to make it".

"In some ways I like the idea of waiting until after the election", Trump added.

Beijing has callled on the roll back tariffs on all Chinese goods as part of a partial trade agreement, something Trump has said he won't do. The Trump administration has threatened to impose tariffs on more Chinese imports starting that day.

"I have to make the right deal", he said.

Those hoping that the USA can avert further trade tensions with China will be disappointed to learn that President Trump now thinks it's better to wait for the 2020 elections before doing something about the issue.

Earlier on Tuesday, Chinese state media said the government would soon publish a list of "unreliable entities" that could lead to sanctions against US companies, signaling trade talks between the two nations are increasingly under threat from disputes over human rights in Hong Kong and Xinjiang.

Top White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Friday that President Trump likes where trade talks with China are going and a deal is "close", but that a December 15 deadline remains in place for a new round of U.S. tariffs to kick in.

The trade negotiations with China, the president declared, are at a "critical stage".

But the two sides remain apart.

He said later on Bloomberg TV that Trump basically likes what he sees in the current talks.

A steady string of global firms, including Apple, Dell, Google, Amazon, toymaker Hasbro have announced plans to shift part of their US bound production from China to neighboring countries, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, and Bangladesh.

Chinese companies had already "imported certain quantities of goods from the United States", the statement said.

Earlier on Monday, Trump said the Hong Kong legislation didn't help trade negotiations with the regime.

"Discussions are going very well and we'll see what happens", Trump told reporters said at a meeting of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders near London.