Mercury transit 2019 can be observe from Karachi

  • Mercury transit 2019 can be observe from Karachi

Mercury transit 2019 can be observe from Karachi

According to NASA, Mercury will pass directly between the Sun and Earth, causing a small part of the Sun to be obscured by Mercury's shadow.

Onlookers, however, will need more than just a solar filter to see the Mercury transit.

The Bays Mountain Astronomy Club is inviting the public to a transit viewing event at the park's observatories on Monday from 10 1 p.m.

"Mercury passes in front of the sun approximately a dozen times each century, but the November 11 event will be the last one visible from North America until 2049", said Mike Brake, Oklahoma City Astronomy Club member.

Though Mercury speeds around the Sun every 88 days, it has a highly eccentric orbit that takes it as close as 29 million miles (47 million km) and as far away as 43 million miles (70 million km) from the star. Have you ever observed the rare transit of Mercury moving across the Sun?

It's additionally the closest planet to the Sun, which arrangement it orbits the essential person some distance more fleet than the total other worlds in our solar system.

However beware: Mercury is simply too dinky to survey with out excessive-powered binoculars or a telescope, and searching at present on the solar, even with sun shades, may perhaps per chance per chance additionally space off permanent perceive harm. A telescope with a solar filter will make it possible for people to witness the transit. The planet will leave Sun's disk on the fourth contact.

Visitors will learn about Mercury and the upcoming Mercury transit on November 11 from a live presentation created by Bays Mountain Planetarian Jason Dorfman. It will be possible to observe it with a telescope or binoculars, but on the condition that your instruments are equipped with sunscreens provided for this goal so as not to damage your sight.

Do not forget to put a solar filter on it before viewing.

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