Hong Kong student's death triggers fresh outrage

  • Hong Kong student's death triggers fresh outrage

Hong Kong student's death triggers fresh outrage

A Hong Kong student who fell from a vehicle park while police and protesters were clashing last weekend has died, hospital officials said Friday, in a development likely to further escalate tensions after months of violent rallies in the city.

"The police has stated earlier that they attach great importance to the incident and the crime unit is now conducting a comprehensive investigation with a view to finding out what happened", authorities said in a statement.

He was found lying unconscious in a pool of blood inside a vehicle park that police had fired tear gas towards after protesters hurled objects from the building.

The precise circumstances of how Alex Chow came to be injured are unclear but he has been embraced by the five-month-old protest movement.

"Today we mourn the loss of the freedom fighter in HK".

"Free Hong Kong, Revolution Now", read banners held up by some students at a graduation ceremony on Thursday, where many wore banned masks and chanted slogans.

The university president dabbed away tears as he announced Mr Chow's death on Friday on the second day of the convocation, with the audience standing to observe a moment of silence. "Given the losses suffered by HK society in the past month, the gov must pay the price".

Protesters held a memorial for Chow before a lunchtime rally in the city center Friday, and calls for "flash mob"-style demonstrations marking his death were trending on online protester forums".

Lai added that the university would hold a candlelight vigil at 6 p.m., in addition to an evening memorial at the vehicle park where Chow fell.

Sources told AFP doctors had performed two operations in a bid to reduce swelling in his brain.

Police did not rule out the possibility he was fleeing from tear gas but noted officials fired from a distance.

The man was found on Monday on the third level of a parking facility in a residential district of the Kowloon Peninsula.

They have also denied interfering with rescuers treating the student, or blocking the ambulance that took him to hospital.

The global finance hub has been shaken by five months of huge and increasingly violent protests calling for greater democratic freedoms and police accountability.

One of the key protest demands is an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality.