New Poll: Sanders, Warren Surging While Biden, Harris Slip

  • New Poll: Sanders, Warren Surging While Biden, Harris Slip

New Poll: Sanders, Warren Surging While Biden, Harris Slip

It seemed as if Sen. Bernie Sanders would be leaving Saturday's New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention as the clear frontrunner, with five months to go before the Granite State primary. Warren and Sanders each had 20 percent support among Democratic voters, compared to Biden's 19 percent.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who leads in most national polls of the Democratic contest, is also well liked, but he's seen a decline since January - 71% of Democrats say they have a positive impression of Biden, a 5-point drop, and 22% don't, an 11-point increase in his negative rating. He noted that the primary calendar favors Harris after SC, when multiple southern states and California, go to the polls.

Biden has been taking most of the slings and arrows of his Democratic opponents, given his lead in the race, and his campaign would argue that he's held up well considering.

"She chose to back Hillary Clinton in 2016 over Bernie Sanders because, I think. she knows she's got that left side locked up", the former press secretary for ex-President George W. Bush added. Warren is fighting against a political and economic system she portrays as rigged against the working class. Sanders is crowing for a political revolution. The former vice president had 600 delegates, compared to Warren's 545.

"I will not be voting for him again. I think his time has passed", said John Corrigan about Sanders.

California Sen. Kamala Harris was also tested, but the difference of views of her between the primary and general election electorate are most striking. Bernie Sanders rounded out the top three candidates with an estimated 286 delegates. The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who faced intense scrutiny back home after the fatal shooting of a black man by a white police officer, proposed crafting legislation that would raise the bar for the use of lethal force by police officers, in addition to multiple other measures created to increase responsiveness and community involvement by police departments.

During his remarks he stuck with a hit list of his classics, touching on his Medicare for All plan and income inequality while also calling President Donald Trump a "racist" and a "xenophobe".

Warren said she is aware that there will always be wealthy people and poor people in America, and that this is not necessarily bad as long as political influence is not hijacked.

What's more, those saying they have a negative impression has gone down from 17% to 11%. Elizabeth Warren speaks to supporters at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles last month. Her trip to New Hampshire this weekend was her first time in-state since July.

In 2016, Soldati made a decision to back Sanders, even though she would have liked to see Warren run.

"Warren can really articulate an issue and she can articulate a solution", Soldati said. "I don't think Bernie's as good at that". Polls show Warren gaining ground on Biden in the Democratic primary for president. This sample includes 7,804 self-identified Democrats. But folks, when we have our nominee, remember in order to govern we must first win.

Warren has benefited most as supporters slowly move away from Harris, according to the poll. Will she work to resurrect her criticism of Biden or does she believe that Elizabeth Warren is now her intended target?

"We can not choose a candidate we don't believe in because we are scared".

"Look, we have at every one of our events, some of the biggest enthusiasm in terms of people responding to our message", Harris said.

As Warren said this, a middle-aged man wearing a baseball cap holding two "Bernie Sanders" signs patrolled the stands in front of Warren's cheering fans.

"You're being terrible", a female Warren supporter yelled at him.

"We weren't rude for you", she said.