Israel attacks Gaza targets following drone raid

  • Israel attacks Gaza targets following drone raid

Israel attacks Gaza targets following drone raid

Israeli authorities on Sunday exposed and confiscated a large shipment of fabric that can be used for the manufacturing of uniforms en route to the Gaza Strip, the IDF's Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) said. The reasons are now being investigated.

Israel shells Hamas targets in response to rocket fire from Gaza (PHOTOS, VIDEO) At least five rockets have been fired from Gaza toward Israel, with one landing near Sderot, according to the IDF, which retaliated by attacking an observation post in northern Gaza with tanks. The Israeli strikes late Saturday came after two days of cross-border exchanges of fire in which two Palestinian teenagers were killed. The truce was negotiated by Egyptian and United Nations officials with aid from Qatar to end several severe flare-ups of violence in recent months. It "dropped what seems to be an explosive device" near the security fence, damaging a military vehicle before returning to Gaza.

The invasions are part of ongoing Israeli violations against the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip; such assaults include attacking farmers, workers and fishermen, in addition to bulldozing lands. An Israeli aircraft targeted the squad that launched the drone, but there were no injuries in that raid.

( A senior leader of the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement has warned that Hamas will thwart any plot designed by the Israeli regime to target Palestinian refugees' right of return to Palestine. There were no reports of casualties in Gaza, but the unrest on the frontier continued throughout the day as four Palestinians infiltrated Israel and were apprehended by the army.