Chris Bryant bids to be new Commons Speaker

  • Chris Bryant bids to be new Commons Speaker

Chris Bryant bids to be new Commons Speaker

Social media users have created a game designed to replace Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, after he announced he was stepping down when the current Parliament comes to an end. "Order!" at unruly MPs and admonishing lawmakers who displease him. Last week, lawmakers defeated Johnson to pass a law ordering Johnson to seek a delay from the October 31 Brexit deadline.

Bercow, 56, was given a standing ovation from many members of the lower house as he announced his plan to stand down in the coming weeks - particularly by those on the opposition benches.

He added, "It's one of the longest for decades and it represents an act of executive fiat". "There are many challenges ahead for Parliament and I believe I have the necessary experience to lead the way having served in a variety of roles including as a Minister, a government whip, a shadow minister and a backbencher".

But Boris Johnson is planning to exact revenge on Mr Bercow for his "bias" over Brexit by denying him a seat in the Lords.

Al Jazeera's Laurence Lee, reporting from Parliament, said Bercow had cut to the heart of the Brexit issue. "The Speaker hasn't just bent the rules, he has broken them".

Bercow has enhanced Britain's reputation overseas as a thriving democracy and others look on wishing they had a Speaker like him to invigorate their own parliaments.

"This is a pledge I intend to keep if the house votes tonight for an early general election my tenure as Speaker and MP will end when this Parliament ends".

Bercow said he would not stand again if MPs vote later Monday in favor of an early general election - and if they do not, as seems likely, he would resign on October 31: the scheduled date for Brexit.

Bercow's cries of "Order!"

"Throughout my time as speaker, I have sought to increase the relative authority of this legislature - for which I will make absolutely no apology to anyone, anywhere at any time", he said in the House. "I'm not remotely interested in your pettifogging objection, chuntered inelegantly from a sedentary position".

But Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage tweeted "good riddance".

During his ten-year term, he has survived an outcry over expense claims - including costly use of official cars and overseas trips - and has faced allegations of bullying from former members of staff, which he has denied.