BMW Concept 4: Chris Bangle Come Back - All Is Forgiven

  • BMW Concept 4: Chris Bangle Come Back - All Is Forgiven

BMW Concept 4: Chris Bangle Come Back - All Is Forgiven

Apparently they are. The BMW Concept 4 you see here is the brand's surprise debut at the ongoing Frankfurt motor show.

We're not sure that "confident" and "classy" are the first adjectives that come to mind, but we'll admit the grille is definitely distinctive. Aptly called the Concept 4, and unlike previous cars in its bloodline, this BMW coupe will look quite different from the 3er on which it's presumably based. The automaker says the face references "legendary classics such as the BMW 328 or the BMW 3.0 CSi", which is fair, but it does so in such an exaggerated way that it takes away from the rest of an otherwise harmonious design.

The German auto manufacturer's press release appropriately starts out by discussing that grille. It shows that the new 4-Series will be a radical departure from its predecessor and have a face dominated by a kidney grille so big it could swallow two children.

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While the side profile (with a windowline gently rising backward) and jagged rear end have some similarities with those on the existing 8 Series, it's the front end that's set to spark further controversy.

The second incarnation of the BMW 4 Series Coupe (and Cabriolet, for that matter) will go on sale next year. Well, the LED elements have no glass cover, and are instead worked into the body "like three-dimensional sculptures".

And while the interior of the 4 Concept hasn't been showcased, you can expect the production car's cabin to be largely identical to that of the sedan.