4 in hiring sentiment, shows study

  • 4 in hiring sentiment, shows study

4 in hiring sentiment, shows study

As per the survey that covered 5,131 employers in India, 19% of employers anticipate an actual rise in their staff count, while as much as 52% see it unchanged and 28% are unsure about adding to their existing strength.

With seasonal variations removed from the data, the Net Employment Outlook of +12% is unchanged compared to the previous quarter and is relatively stable compared with a decrease of one percentage point compared to the Outlook reported during the same time a year ago. The result of this calculation is the Net Employment Outlook. Some of the most optimistic Outlooks globally are reported by employers in the Asia Pacific region yet the Outlook in China declined four percentage points quarter-over-quarter to +4%.

Note 2: Seasonal adjustment is a statistical process that allows the survey data to be presented without the impact of hiring fluctuations that normally occur through the year, usually as a result of various external factors.

Small versus large employers Participating employers were categorised into one of three organisation sizes: small businesses employing 10-49 workers, medium businesses 50-249 and large businesses 250 or more.

Regional comparisons Workforce gains are expected in all four regions during the upcoming quarter.


Americas: Employers in all 10 countries in the region expect to increase their headcount with the US now reporting the strongest Outlook in the region for two years in a row.

Steady hiring activity is forecast for the south and west, with outlooks of 19 percent and 18 percent, respectively. All regions reported quarter-over-quarter decreases, while only the Midwest reported a year-over-year increase (+2%). A sharp improvement of 29 percentage points is reported in the east. The survey noted that employers expect workforce gains in 43 of 44 countries and territories surveyed in the coming three months. "It is also a four percentage point increase from the Outlook reported during the same time previous year, indicating a slow hiring pace for the upcoming months".

The survey further noted that in India, a sectoral analysis shows, public administration and education employers reported the strongest hiring intentions with a net employment outlook of 27 per cent. While, respectable payroll gains were also forecast in wholesale and retail trade sector (25 per cent) and services sector (22 per cent).

Employers in France report a hiring Outlook of +6% up year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter driven by improvements in many sectors including Construction where employers report an Outlook of +15%, the most upbeat forecast for the sector since the survey began 16 years ago. The biggest decline was reported by Manufacturing and Mining & Extraction employers - a sector exposed to recently imposed USA tariffs.

The ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey has been structured to be representative of each national economy.