WhatsApp fingerprint lock feature is now available for Android beta users

In February this year, WhatsApp had rolled out the Authentication feature for iOS beta users, making it possible to use Touch ID to unlock the app. The latest addition to the Android app could be the fingerprint locking feature, which is now being tested in the beta channel.

The quick edit media feature will be available on iOS and Android.

To be clear from what's been reported thus far, the screen lock won't affect the way the application runs in the background.

When you've installed version 2.19.221, you should see the Fingerprint lock option in Settings Privacy, but it may also be linked to a server-side switch, so don't panic if you don't get it straight away. In Android, there is a new option called Show content in notifications, so users can decide if they want to show or hide message and sender preview when the Fingerprint lock is enabled. Spies and philanderers alike rejoice with the news that you will finally be able to keep your instant messages safe from prying eyes. But this is true only if you have signed up and are using the WhatsApp Android beta app.

However, once enabled, the fingerprint security will require you to produce your fingerprint whenever you attempt to open the application.

Before uninstalling the app from the smartphone make sure you take a backup of your chat history. This is very important if it's true; it means that the fingerprint reading and authentication will be handled by Android on your device. However, the reports confirm that the users will be able to reply from the notification or receive calls once the lock is activated. There are three options for "automatically lock" to choose from - immediately, after 1 minute, and after 30 minutes. To disable the fingerprint lock feature on WhatsApp, users can either simply toggle off the switch in the messaging platforms' aforementioned settings or they can disable the phone's fingerprint sensor authentication altogether.