Nike launches Nike Adventure Club, a shoe subscription for kids

  • Nike launches Nike Adventure Club, a shoe subscription for kids

Nike launches Nike Adventure Club, a shoe subscription for kids

Dave Cobban, the general manager of the Nike Adventure Club, says the company has been building this subscription service for the past two years. The subscription is offered in three tiers: Four sneakers a year for $20 a month, six pairs for $30 a month or 12 pairs for $50 a month.

Nike on Monday introduced its first footwear subscription service for children. Customers can choose what style they want, from performance shoes for sport to casual everyday sneakers, and they can also skip months and easily swap sneakers if they don't fit or their kid doesn't like them.

According to a Nike press release, "The experience of shoe-shopping for young kids is deceptively complex". Parents and kids can choose to keep any shoe they like, and when they're done they can exchange it with Nike for a new pair, while the old one will be either donated or recycled. More than 100 different sneaker styles are available to choose from.

This is the first of its kind, and it serves kids through sizes 4C to 7Y. You're free to upgrade, downgrade or pause your subscription at any time.

If you like the shoe, you can keep the pair. Though the Adventure Club is launching today, Nike isn't accepting new sign ups at the moment - visiting the Adventure Club's website prompts you to join a waiting list, with Nike saying that new members will be added daily.

Nike started piloting a sneaker club for kids two years ago.

The program - which will include an "adventure guide" in each box to encourage children and their parents to engage in outdoor activities and exploration - also has a sustainable component. The guides are a collaborative partnership between Nike and KaBoom, a national nonprofit focused on encouraging kids to lead active, healthy lifestyles. The subscription service launch comes just ahead of back-to-school season, where parents will be seeking out deals that alleviate the cost of back-to-school shopping.