Perseid showers put on a show tonight and tomorrow

  • Perseid showers put on a show tonight and tomorrow

Perseid showers put on a show tonight and tomorrow

The Perseids meteor shower will be visible till August 13.

Tonight (between August 12-13) will be the best time to see it this year. That will interfere with viewing the meteors.

The Perseid meteor shower, caused by debris left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle, started in late July. The very rare meteors that do not burn up hit the surface of the plant as meteorites. But there is a possibility to catch more of these meteors raining down at times when lights of sun or moon are not as prevalent during dusk or right before dawn.

The Perseids has been somewhat visible since July 14 and will last until August 24. The moon will frustrate proceedings somewhat as a full moon is due on Thursday, meaning the sky will likely be washed out for the majority of viewers, but fear not, as the Perseids have an ace up their sleeve.

Despite the lunar interference, the shower will still be surprisingly visible across the world given the moon's relatively low position in the southern sky due to the Earth's tilt. "The best time to see it is with no moon because it makes the sky darker". "Let your eyes become adjusted to the dark (it takes about 30 minutes) - you'll see more meteors that way", they say.

The US space agency has another tip for all those planning to watch the meteor shower.

You can also check out a live stream of the show thanks to the Virtual Telescope Project on its website as well as on YouTube. The Perseid radiant is in the constellation Perseus.

This will be shown on the NASA Meteor Watch Facebook starting.