Trump fundraisers in Hamptons expected to raise $10 million, GOP officials say

  • Trump fundraisers in Hamptons expected to raise $10 million, GOP officials say

Trump fundraisers in Hamptons expected to raise $10 million, GOP officials say

Ross, the chairman of Related Companies, which is the parent company of both Equinox and Soul Cycle, will host the pricey fundraiser on Friday, Aug. 9, at his Southhampton home with his wife, Kara Ross, a jewelry designer.

Since Wednesday, SoulCycle instructors posted on social media urging members against canceling their memberships.

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is defending his support of long-time friend Donald Trump after being criticized about it by one of his players. The agitators also set up an Instagram account to rally staff to the cause.

After massive backlash, including from numerous celebrities furious that Ross is effectively helping to fund the anti-immigrant and white supremacist hate Trump and his campaign are spewing, The Related Companies pulled the plug on the page that lists its holdings - the companies it owns.

Brzezinski, on Thursday, suggested that Ross' fundraiser showed that he didn't have a "soul".

The scheduled fundraiser also caught the attention of Miami Dolphins wide receiver and Trump critic Kenny Stills.

The Washington Post, which first reported the expected Friday fundraiser, revealed tickets for the luncheon are priced at $100,000 for a photo opportunity and lunch, and attendees can pay $250,000 to be included in a roundtable discussion. Equinox members and SoulCycle visitors are now threatening to cut ties with the trendy fitness brands following the news, reported Business Insider's Kate Taylor .

Stephen Ross is a tax attorney turned real estate developer who invested in affordable housing, then sold them to wealthy investors as tax shelters.

"We joined this gym because we believed it shared our values".

Money raised at the two fundraisers in the Hamptons will go toward Trump Victory, a fundraising committee for the Trump 2020 campaign and the Republican National Committee. As Equinox has historically peddled itself with a culture of inclusivity towards the LGBTQ community, members believe that Trump, with his ban of transgender troops and opposition of the Equality Act, contradicts the ethos of the gym.

And Ross himself released a statement to address the controversy, explaining that he "has always been an active participant in the democratic process". But in a statement, Ross said he has known Trump for 40 years and that he has "never been bashful about expressing" opinions with him.