Pokemon Sword and Shield announced

  • Pokemon Sword and Shield announced

Pokemon Sword and Shield announced

The next generation of Pokemon has been announced during the Pokemon Direct, and it will be called Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The meaning behind the names remains a mystery, It had been rumoured that there would be a royal theme to the name, with Pokemon King and Queen being touted as a potential title.

From the map shown, it looks like this will certainly be the most mountainous region we've seen in a Pokemon title yet. To everyone who's dreamed of a mainline Pokemon game they can actually play on their living room TV (without a Super Game Boy or something)....this is the announcement you've been waiting for.

As is the tradition with the series, the game will be released in two similar packages - Sword and Shield - with each package boasting its own unique Pokemon.

Expect to hear more release date news in a future presentation.

The three starter Pokemon for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield were also given their debut during the Direct. I usually start with a fire-type Pokemon but since my spirit animal is a monkey, I'll make an exception this round and start a grass-type Pokemon. There is no word yet on which Legendary Pokemon will appear for which version.

Shigeru Ohmori, Director of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield gave us a little journey through the Galar Region in the Pokemon Direct and that is where all of our information is being pulled from. There's Sobble, a shy gecko who will be the water type.

Early on Wednesday morning, February 27, Nintendo held a Pokemon Direct. It left a lot to the imagination, with plenty of scope for future reveals.