My Emily died on way to fertility clinic on e-scooter

  • My Emily died on way to fertility clinic on e-scooter

My Emily died on way to fertility clinic on e-scooter

Emily Hartridge, 35, died in an accident in London on July 12 after her electric scooter crashed into a truck.

"I did get a few messages on Instagram from trolls telling me it was my fault, which is not nice but that's what you get online".

'She messaged me at 8.24am, joking, "How about less of the early-morning kisses on the lips?" Her family have told me I'm not.

He said the "terrible accident" had "left a hole" in the lives of her friends and family, and described Ms Hartridge as "the most handsome person I've ever met".

Later that morning, after receiving no response to WhatsApp or calls, Mr Hazell contacted the clinic. "I went to stay with her parents and her sisters, who were devastated but so supportive".

He asked the police if it involved a woman called Emily on a scooter and if she was seriously injured.

Jake said she was always wearing a helmet and being conscientious on the roads, but the pair had no idea it's illegal to use e-scooters on public roads and pavements. I got on my bike and headed back to our flat.

Ms Hartridge died on a scooter her boyfriend had purchased for her as a gift.

On Friday, Emily Hartridge, a YouTube star tragically died in her 30's in an accident on site.

He said: "Emily was the person who encouraged me to talk about how I was feeling, so I just wanted to put a video out here to say thank you and let people know I'm OK".

Ms Hartridge had more than 340,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, which featured a weekly show about proving that "everything in the world can be explained with 10 reasons". While it's now illegal to travel on public roads and pavements in the United Kingdom, e e-scooter companies including Bird and Bolt are lobbying for them to be made legal.

He explained, "The use of electric scooters is increasing, including on the roads and pavements where they are now illegal, and so we would urge the Government to take a look at current legislation to ensure it is fit for goal to maximise the safety of road users, as you would expect it to with any change in transport technology".