Trump on China trade spat: 'We're going to win either way'

  • Trump on China trade spat: 'We're going to win either way'

Trump on China trade spat: 'We're going to win either way'

Grywacheski went on to say the tariffs President Trump's imposed should have been done a long time ago, blaming both political parties for not addressing it earlier. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said earlier this month the US and China were "on the cusp" of a possible deal.

President Donald Trump said on Monday he believed the United States would emerge from its trade dispute with China as a victor, no matter what happens as a result of the continued negotiations over a trade deal.

According to the sources, the now focusing on what they consider more achievable goals, like making the Chinese improve their policy on intellectual property issues or ending forced technological transfers.

United States appears set to become more accommodating towards China on the issue of industrial subsidies in a bid to make significant headway in the trade talks and negotiations taking place between the two countries. Beijing grants subsidies and tax breaks to state-owned firms and to sectors seen as strategic for long-term development and in the Xi administration the government has become more intertwined in the economy. And China is in consideration. A year ago the WTO had issued a ruling that the allowances given to Airbus had adversely affected USA aviation sector and both regions were fighting a long battle of litigation over aviation giants Airbus and Boeing owned by them.

The request came as Trump didn't want to lift punitive tariffs on China even when a trade deal is made.