Trump 'celebrating' tax day in Minnesota

  • Trump 'celebrating' tax day in Minnesota

Trump 'celebrating' tax day in Minnesota

Trump says incorrectly that he enacted the largest package of tax cuts in history. He's traveling Monday to Minnesota, a state he narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and that he's hoping to flip in 2020.

She said Trump's tax breaks could have instead been invested into bridges, roads, and schools.

President Donald Trump is spending America's tax filing day in Minnesota.

Tax Day also comes this year amid an ongoing battle for the president's tax returns.

Along with Klobuchar were Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter and State Auditor Julie Blaha. Amy Klobuchar spoke out about Trump's tax bill.

While the president seeks to leverage Tax Day to highlight his own economic policies, a recent poll found that most Americans don't believe they've directly benefited from the Republican tax bill.

Another poll in March found that only 21 percent of taxpayers expect to pay less taxes, despite promises from the Trump administration that savings would be universal.

More evidence came from a report by tax preparer H&R Block on Thursday that said Americans were undergoing a "confusing tax experience" this season. In Alabama, residents owed about 24 percent less in federal taxes.

Federal data also showed a negligible increase in refunds.

The 2017 tax legislation was criticized by some on the left as hurting Americans due to smaller refunds.

Further muddling the picture was the federal deduction for state and local taxes being capped at $10,000, which has mattered in high-tax states such as Minnesota, California and NY, among others.

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