Fortnite Adds Reboot Van Locations Feature With 8.30 Update

  • Fortnite Adds Reboot Van Locations Feature With 8.30 Update

Fortnite Adds Reboot Van Locations Feature With 8.30 Update

The Fortnite Reboot Van gives users a chance to bring back wiped out colleagues in the game. If that sounds familiar, that's because it is, as respawning is one of the primary mechanics in Apex Legends.

Reviving a dead teammate in Fortnite starts out very similar to the Apex Legends process. In order to use one, two conditions need to first be met: first, one of your teammates has to die (obviously), and second, you'll need to be carrying the Reboot Card they dropped when they were eliminated. Inside it, a squad member is to gather the reboot card for his/her accomplice.

You can check out all the Reboot Van locations in Fortnite on the map below, and then thank Prime Games for their effort in making this map. Unlike in Apex Legends, that same Reboot Van can be reused two minutes later to revive another player.

The Reboot Van is the only new item coming along with update 8.30, but we're also seeing a new event kick off today. Players will be able to soon take part in week 7's challenges which are set to arrive on Thursday, April 11 and slowly enabling them to unlock Season 8's Legendary Ruin Skin. You can't revive your whole squad immediately at a Reboot Van, but you could potentially hang out near one to get multiple players back in the middle of match, if you can stay alive that long. With high risk should come high reward, and Fortnite's reboot van fits the bill. With Reboot Card in hand, head to the nearest Van and trigger a respawn.

It takes about ten seconds to activate the card and bring back your ally, so it's best to clear the area of any enemies and build a barricade around the van before using it.

Fortnite has as of late been in the news as Prince Harry had required the diversion to be avoided kids. To make the similarities even more obvious, players respawn without any weapons or loot in both games. Using a Respawn Beacon helps you get your team up to full strength, but you still have to work very hard to deal with the disadvantage of having lost a member of your team. Return from a Reboot Van and you won't be completely empty-handed. Anyone brought back from the dead will be stripped of their previous gear and have little more than a common pistol and 100 wood (building material) on their person.