1,100 Jet Airways pilots decide not to fly from Monday: NAG

  • 1,100 Jet Airways pilots decide not to fly from Monday: NAG

1,100 Jet Airways pilots decide not to fly from Monday: NAG

The airline is flying less than 50 flights a day, with a fleet of seven aircraft.

A tweet from ANI reporting the move cited a message to Jet Airways staff from the National Aviator's Guild, which had earlier advised more than 1,000 pilots who have not been paid for three months to stop flying from Monday.

It will, however, be hard for the airline to last till then unless banks come to the rescue with higher funds infusion.

Siroya Centre is Jet Airways headquarters in Andheri suburb in Mumbai.

The airline has also cancelled its long-haul, west-bound operations to and from Amsterdam, London Heathrow, and Paris till April 16, Jet Airways said Sunday.

An SBI spokesman could not immediately comment on the emergency funding being considered by lenders for Jet Airways.

"Till date we are awaiting the funding and, meanwhile, our beloved airline is dying a slow death along with unpaid salaries of pilots and engineers for over 3 months", a member said. It is time to seek some answers, to humbly ask those who have the power to help us what the future may hold.

Senior Jet Airways officials said that even if NAG members were to stop flying, the airline would be able to continue operating its 6 ATR turboprops using management pilots and the single Boeing 737 NG operating under JetLite, as its pilots are not NAG members.

The debt-ridden carrier has also not paid March salary to employees of other categories as well.

Monday is also when SBI Caps will formally announce how many entities had submitted their expression of interest (EoI) for buying a stake in Jet Airways last week.

The suitors, which include Etihad Airways and former Chairman Naresh Goyal, have to submit bids by April 30. "If lenders had no intention of saving us, they should have let us die earlier".

The pilots and engineers have not been paid since January. "Accordingly, as requested, the Committee would like to inform all that the decision stands deferred for the time being", the Guild committee said in a late evening communication to its members.

NAG requested all pilots to gather at Siroya Centre at 10 a.m. on April 15 in full uniform. "Since both NAG and our issues are common we will have representatives present at Monday's gathering called by the pilots", an engineer said.

An Open House will be called shortly as per the availability of the venue and the committee members, the communication added.