Some Oculus Touch VR Controllers Shipped With These Bizarre Hidden Messages

"Thus, you'd have to take apart the controller to see either of the messages that will be on consumer controllers ('This Space for Rent" and "The Masons were Here')".

This issue appears to be limited to the revised version of the Touch motion controllers, which are set to be released alongside the standalone Oculus Quest VR headset. The messages were meant only for prototype hardware but somehow made it to production hardware.

Facebook - a company that is equally known for surveilling an enormous swath of people and for accidentally exposing their data in one way or another - shipped "tens of thousands" of its Oculus Touch controllers with some fun hidden messages written inside them, such as "Big Brother is Watching". Mitchell acknowledged that these messages were "inappropriate and should have been removed". The messages were only supposed to be included in prototypes of the machines.

While the vast majority of Oculus owners will never take apart their controllers and find the messages, news of the hidden content will nearly certainly raise eyebrows given Facebook's already tarnished public image. By the time Oculus discovered the messages, it was too late, as they had already been printed into consumer hardware meant for the market.

No devices with the messages have been purchased yet. He also said that Oculus has fixed the production process to make sure this doesn't happen again. An Oculus spokesperson has since confirmed that in his tweets, Mitchell was referring to the controllers for the upcoming Quest and Rift S virtual reality headsets, not the original ones shipped in 2016.

Hidden inside the Touch controllers are messages like, "This Space For Rent", and "The Masons Were Here". That said, as mentioned in Nate's tweet, the messages will be inside tens of thousands of controller pairs that will ship to consumers when Quest and Rift S ship. Anyhow, Nate did apologize for this accident, however, there is no calling back since Facebook wouldn't recall these products as they won't hinder with the integrity of the hardware anyhow.