Netherlands ACM Investigates Apple Over App Store

  • Netherlands ACM Investigates Apple Over App Store

Netherlands ACM Investigates Apple Over App Store

Apple came less under fire but still, music service Spotify recently submitted an official complaint to the EC about the company.

According to the report published by ACM, the iOS ecosystem is so close, that there is no alternative for the App Store and that is bottlenecking the potential of the operating system and helping Apple to retain the Monopoly over its eco-system.

The Dutch regulator has reported back after receiving several complaints regarding Apple's behaviour surrounding the App Store, suggesting there might be some foul play afoot.

Apple's global anti-trust saga has further intensified, following reports Dutch regulators are investigating the preferential treatment of Apple's own apps within its App Store.

"In the market study, ACM has received indications from app providers, which seem to indicate that Apple abuses its position in the App Store".

There's no word on what specific business practices or App Store policies may have caught the ACM's attention. After the investigation, ACM may decide that Google and Apple don't violate the fair competition practices at all. The group has already received various fines from the European Commission for abuse of market power. Also Dutch apps for news media, but is also calling on app providers to flag. That gives Apple and Google an edge to treat developers however they see fit, which may not be always for the best.

Henk Don, Member of the Board of ACM, said: 'To a large degree, app providers depend on Apple and Google for offering apps to users. On the other hand, the companies themselves are providers and, therefore, competitors.

Apple has introduced an extra step when subscribing to services via apps on iOS. This isn't the case with iPhones using Face ID since they need to double-click the side button before enabling the facial recognition technology to authenticate subscription purchases.

Sensor Tower today revealed estimations on the app revenue on the App Store and Google Play during the first quarter of 2019.

Apple said it was confident the investigation would show "all app developers have equal opportunities for success" on the App Store.