Dutch doctor ‘fathered’ 49 children in IVF scandal

  • Dutch doctor ‘fathered’ 49 children in IVF scandal

Dutch doctor ‘fathered’ 49 children in IVF scandal

The doctor had repeatedly told patients that the sperm came from anonymous donors.

A Dutch fertility doctor accused of illegally using his own sperm to inseminate his patients has been found to be the father of at least 49 children.

Jan Karbaat, who died in 2017, has always been suspected of using his own semen at his now closed Rotterdam fertility clinic without the knowledge of the women.

The tests, carried out by a hospital in the south-eastern Dutch city of Nijmegen, have now proved that "49 children in this case are direct descendants of the late Karbaat", the Defence for Children organisation said.

The doctor had always denied the accusations, but it was revealed on Friday after DNA tests were made public by a Dutch court.

One of Karbaat's children said he is glad to have the truth confirmed.

Karbaat's clinic was closed down in 2009 due to allegations he generated false data, analyses and donor descriptions, as well as exceeding the limit of six children per donor.

Jan Karbaat was first taken to court by a group of donor children and their parents in 2017 over suspicions they were related.

Speaking to Sky News, Defence for Children adviser Iara de Witte said: "The judge placed the interest of the child above the right to privacy of Mr Karbaat and his family".

One of the children, named Joey, said he could "finally close the chapter" now he knew Mr Karbaat was his father.

Almost 50 children have received closure following years of anguish after they were told their biological father was a doctor who impregnated their mother at his fertility clinic.

"I don't get the feeling that he cheated my mother", he told the NRC paper. "She really wanted a child and could not have one with my parental father".