"All Digital" Xbox One S launch details and price leaked

"All Digital" Xbox One S launch details and price leaked

The new pictures and information, obtained by WinFuture, don't really bring with them any surprises.

For the past couple of months, rumors have been swirling about an all-digital Xbox One S with no disc drive for a budget price.

In terms of the hardware, the packaging shared by WinFuture shows that there is a 1TB hard drive. Additionally, the new console will also support HDR gaming in 4K according to the leaked packaging. Furthermore, the console will come with one Xbox One S controller as previous Xbox One consoles have.

In the U.S., I would expect the console to cost a little bit less than the European price when converted as this pricing would suggest a $259 price point in the US.

Following Microsoft's successful rollout of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, it makes ideal sense for the company to release the much-rumored digital-only version of its console.

It is also worth noting that it will come pre-installed with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3, which is a nice way to put the cherry on top of this deal.

As for a release date, that's tipped to be April 16 - this coming Tuesday - with the console on sale in Europe from May 7.

It sounds as though you won't have long to wait to get your hands on the latest iteration of the Xbox One.

So even though we don't have an official announcement, the evidence is mounting that Microsoft is indeed planning to launch an all-digital Xbox One S soon.