Tory leader Scheer issues new statement on attacks including mention of Muslims

Laying out his chilling ideology, the suspected far-right terrorist claimed he allegedly carried out the bloodbath as revenge for an Islamist terrorist attack in Sweden that killed a young girl and others.

"The City of Pittsburgh will protect all houses of worship and the right to freely and safely practice your religion without fear", Public Safety said in a release. The man burst into the mosque as worshippers were kneeling for prayers.

The Pittsburgh community is still grieving from the Tree of Life shootings, and we want to be respectful of the victims, their families and our community in our reporting.

The attacker has not been named, but Australia's prime minister said he was an Australian citizen and described him as an "extremist right-wing violent terrorist".

Green Leader Elizabeth May did not mention Muslims in her first Tweet but retweeted several others who did.

Scheer's office did not respond to an initial query about the statement's not mentioning Muslims but after being asked about the statement from the National Council of Canadian Muslims, his spokesman responded with a link to a new statement on Scheer's Facebook page.

One of the most shocking aspects of the massacre that unfolded Friday at two mosques in Christchurch is that it happened in New Zealand - a country where low crime rates are a part of its identity and mass shootings are extremely rare.

None of those arrested had appeared on watchlist of New Zealand or Australian security agencies, police said.

A month ago, Scheer was criticized for sharing a stage on Parliament Hill with a cross-Canada truck convoy mostly protesting Liberal inaction on the energy industry but which included some people promoting hatred.

"Our investigations are in their early stages and we will be looking closely to build a picture of any of the individuals involved and all of their activities prior to this horrific event", Police Commissioner Mike Bush said.

That Act created a regulation so that anyone over the age of 16, who is a "fit and proper person" and the law defines as "a person of good character who will abide by the Laws of New Zealand", can be legally granted a gun license; which is require in order to buy or own a gun.

"It was really devastating and everybody was in pain and everyone was sad", he said. A lever-action shotgun was "also found", she said.

Social media was flooded with messages of shock, sympathy and solidarity.

"Hate has no place anywhere", he said in a statement.

In signs police say show a well-planned attack, army personnel were also called in to dismantle explosive devices found in a stopped vehicle and officers were in the evening searching a house in Dunedin, 360 kilometres away, clearing nearby homes for safety.