NSW Health renews measles travel alert

  • NSW Health renews measles travel alert

NSW Health renews measles travel alert

Tam says she plans to work with partners and stakeholders to address misinformation around vaccines, adding children's health is a shared priority.

"How we talk to parents who have questions about vaccines can have a direct effect on improving their confidence and supporting them in getting their children vaccinated", Dr. Theresa Tam says in a recent statement.

"It's important we maintain the existing nationwide immunisation programme, including in Wellington, but also encourage teenagers and young adults who have never been immunised". You can check you're vaccination status by looking in your Well Child Tamariki Ora or Plunket book, or by contacting your general practice. We need to take a systematic approach that targets those most in need.

"The measles-mumps-rubella vaccine is safe and effective protection against measles".

So far, 17 cases of measles have been identified in Metro Vancouver and linked to French schools in an outbreak that started three weeks ago.

Dr Pink said there have been seven cases of people with measles being hospitalised and two were in intensive care, but all those cases have recovered and been discharged from hospital.

Measles is highly contagious and is spread in the air through coughing or sneezing by someone who is unwell with the disease. From my perspective, even one child dying of measles is unacceptable. If you catch measles you're infectious 5 days before and until 5 days after the rash appears.

"People are taking this issue extremely seriously".

NSW Health Director of Communicable Diseases Dr Vicky Sheppeard explained that while those places do not pose an ongoing risk, people who may be susceptible to measles and were present at the above locations at the same time as the man, should contact their local public health unit for advice on 1300 066 055.

The first symptoms of measles include, dry cough, runny nose and headache. If you think you have the measles, it's important to call before visiting your doctor to avoid you spreading the virus in the waiting room.