Brextension: UK lawmakers vote to seek delay of European Union departure

  • Brextension: UK lawmakers vote to seek delay of European Union departure

Brextension: UK lawmakers vote to seek delay of European Union departure

"It is prison-like ... and never imagined that a country could want to leave for a reason or another", Mr Chenu told France Info radio when asked to comment on the ongoing Brexit drama.

Since then, the value of the British pound has plummeted, and companies have begun making contingency plans for a post-Brexit world in which European workers can not easily move to Britain, tariffs might be resurrected and trade becomes harder. "Can we respect their choice and stop thinking we need to make them pay the highest price possible for this divorce?"

Lawmakers also voted to rule out the idea of holding a second Brexit referendum at least for now.

European leaders "want to show countries mulling over the possibility of their own EU exit that leaving the bloc is very hard. Stirring up all this drama, panicking populations and putting so much pressure on the United Kingdom is quite irresponsible". With the approaching deadline intensifying fears that economic turmoil might follow a "no-deal" withdrawal by Britain, Parliament voted 321-278 Wednesday to rule out the possibility. They are expected to vote on Thursday on seeking a last-minute Brexit delay.

The bloc may be open to a long delay, however, to allow Britain to radically change course. She has warned Brexit supporters who oppose her deal that if no withdrawal agreement is passed in the coming days, the only option will be to seek a long extension that could mean Brexit never happens.

Philip Hammond risked accusations of trying to undermine Theresa May's Brexit strategy after he said it was necessary to consider alternatives to the Prime Minister's deal.

Using a threat of a lengthy extension to Article 50, she has made clear her negotiated divorce deal is still on the table and seeks to push rebel lawmakers into supporting it, despite having had it rejected twice - in January by a historic margin, and again on Tuesday.

But some in Brussels are pushing for a much longer delay, it emerged on Thursday.

"But I think we also have to explore other options".

Power to approve or reject the extension lies with the European Union, whose officials have said they will only allow a delay if Britain either approves a divorce deal or makes a fundamental shift in its approach to Brexit.

He believes a short delay would be useless and is allegedly urging European Union leaders to give Britain more time.

Postponing Brexit gives May some respite, amid a crisis that has shredded her authority and obliterated her control of a fractious Conservative minority government.

However, the extension is not automatic, an EU Commission spokesman reiterated - all 27 of the remaining EU member states must unanimously approve it.

"Under no circumstances an extension in the dark!"