1000 school pupils attend Edinburgh’s climate change protest at Scottish Parliament

  • 1000 school pupils attend Edinburgh’s climate change protest at Scottish Parliament

1000 school pupils attend Edinburgh’s climate change protest at Scottish Parliament

"We have proposed Greta Thunberg because climate change, if it is not stopped, will be the main cause of wars, conflicts and refugee flows in the future", said one of the nominating MPs, Freddy André Øvstegård.

The coordinated "school strike" was inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who began holding solitary demonstrations outside the Swedish parliament last year.

Protesters including the Raging Grannies, as well Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, Friends of the Columbia Gorge and high school students from the Portland Youth Climate Council, gathered in front of City Hall on Wednesday, March 13, to oppose the expansion of Zenith Terminals, which could increase the number of oil trains moving through Portland.

The wider global movement is known as Schools 4 Climate Action. He is a co-founder of campaign group Edinburgh Youth Strikes, which is helping spearhead actions in the capital.

He said: "I've been aware of the issues surrounding climate change for a long time but didn't realise the seriousness of the situation".

We want you to be more ambitious in addressing this issue and to act with greater urgency.

"We might live in a world as adults without food security and without fresh water if we don't do something now", she said.

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Marlborough Mayor John Leggett, on right, is called out from a meeting by students protesting climate change.

Glover, of Marlborough Boy's College, said it was worth getting a black mark on his attendance record to encourage the community to take action on climate change.

But Friday's protest is billed as the biggest so far.

Her mum, Kate Willis, is completely behind her daughter's actions.

She has since been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

"I have a younger sister in junior high, and my mom has organized to bring my sister and a couple of her classmates down to the clock tower", says organizer Ivan Andreou.

It was believed to be the first local authority in Scotland to consider such actions as an "authorised absence from school".

Young people make up more than half of the global population.

They include: Argyll and Bute, Dumfries and Galloway, Dundee, Eilean Siar, Fife, Glasgow, Highland, and Renfrewshire.

Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer welcomes the move.

The Youth Climate Strike in Hong Kong.

Student protests were held in capitals and cities across Australia and New Zealand from Wellington to Melbourne and Sydney, drawing tens of thousands of people, with more planned through Europe, Asia and the United States later on Friday.